You’re not going mad - it does almost look as if Me & Henry has branched out and started designing girls clothing. And in a way - we have. Kind of.
Vignette is for girls 0-16y and many of you will absolutely have noticed we sometimes share fabrics and coordinate in terms of colour palette and look. But we know what we’re good at and coming up with a new shape for a dress or understanding the importance of a perfectly placed frill is not our life focus!
Several years ago a wonderful girls brand called Magpie & Mabel was started by two wonderful girls called Jenn and Michele. Based and made in San Diego, California - so clearly in tune with sunshine and warm weather - they created a line that lasted 16years. Closure of their manufacturing unit led them to almost end the adventure a few years ago but being best buddies with ‘the man from London’ who always seemed to be in the booth next to them at every trade show, meant they were offered the chance to work with the Me & Henry manufacturer in Hong Kong instead.
Jumping at the chance and also taking up the opportunity to slightly alter the look and feel and name of the brand - they relaunched as Vignette in 2018 and haven’t looked back.
Let’s be clear - a few years ago jersey and stripes did not really feature. It was tuile dresses with butterflies sewn on that were hand cut and created from the pages of discarded old hardback favourites. A very beautiful but very different look.
Travelling to design and create the new line WITH Me & Henry naturally meant slowly but surely there was a very clear opportunity for the two to work super closely together and produce what is effectively the girls version of Me & Henry!
Where possible we design into a coordinated colour palette and collaborate closely on what fabrics we can cross over with to make sure the boys is still boyish and the girls is still feminine.
As a result over the last few years stores who buy Me & Henry now buy Vignette and vice versus. They’re seen as one brand by many and so it’s an easy step for us to photograph them as one, promote them as one and grow them as one.
If you love Me & Henry and need that perfect matching sibling outfit for his sister then check out Vignette. If you have twins and need that perfect family photograph or a larger family and want them to have a colour coordinated wardrobe - you’re going to love what we’ve done.
Vignette has now also added baby to match Me & Henry baby and they’ve also launched a free activity book which is similar to the free bedtime storybook you get from Me & Henry. Click on the image below to view the gorgeous book.
Check out the gorgeous Vignette spring collection over on their website here.

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