Let's just be clear - I am not a 'writer' at ALL...but having had a mild version of coronavirus I felt compelled to do something about sharing the story - and then I realised I have a captive audience : thousands and thousands of little kids who read and love the Me & Henry books that are renewed every season.

Chatting to friends with kids, it's also very clear this is a very unusual period for little ones and their precious ears are hearing all sorts of things, they're absorbing it like a sponge but not necessarily displaying normal signs of fear or confusion or worry. The whole weird and fun oddity of not going to school and having parents home every day is shielding their true emotions to some degree.

So I quickly pulled together a book that hopefully allows parents to sit with their children and chat about COVID-19 in a calm and semi-educational way - but also in a way that checks how their child is feeling.

Along with not being a writer, I'm no child psychologist either - but after researching it before writing, its really clear the more open and upfront you are with every single issue, the better. They're hearing big words and phrases like social distancing, which let's face it not even WE were saying a few weeks ago - so they need to know what it's all about.

And as an owner of a kids clothing company, having worked in this particular niche of the industry for more than 30yrs, it's ALL about the kids. We need to make sure they're happy and not stressed and I just wanted to do 'something' that might help adults check in on them.

The book follows the exact same format as all the other books, same amazing illustrator but this time its 100% free to all. No purchases needed but also no hard back copies available. Just digital and able to be shared as much as possible.

It is best viewed on an iPad or laptop as its double-paged with some spread-out illustrations that are gorgeous on a bigger screen.

I hopes this helps in some little way. Many parents and bloggers have given such positive feedback so please share share share as much as you need to wash wash wash your hands.

Click HERE to view it 

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