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  • Make EVERY day EARTH DAY

    Apr 23 2022

    With the world upside down right now and in a precarious position with a shocking war in Ukraine - and just as we started to move on fro...

  • Pink is for who?

    Mar 10 2022

    So we all know the saying pink is for girls and blue is for boys - we all grew up with that - but why and how did that start? It's a fasc...

  • SPRING 22 - the things we go through for you.

    Mar 10 2022

    Spring 22 - a new season - finally - and what a lovely season we have for you... but also how delightful to think this might finally be t...

  • The Fall 21 photoshoot in Tennessee....from Josh's perspective

    Sep 08 2021

    Hi everyone - I'm Josh - and Mark, the owner of Me & Henry is actually my Uncle and many of you may have met me on photoshoots or at ...

  • Spring/Summer 21 - we are here!

    Mar 06 2021

    What you may not know when you look at all these lovely clothes and images of gorgeous Spring newness is the hell that goes into creatin...

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