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If you're going to name a brand after a dog you may as well write a book to match!

The idea behind the book is to give parents that something little extra as a thank you for buying Me & Henry.

Spend over $100 and you get the free book.

All little lads love a bedtime story and what better than one about a little boy who lives in London with his dog Henry. 

Every season there will be a new book with new adventures. The book for Spring 19 is already 8 pages longer.

Hopefully our most important customer (not you mum or dad) will love Henry so much and want to see what he gets up to next so you'll just have to come back next season or follow us on Instagram where in just a few months we already have almost 10,000 followers.

The books are written by Mark Jeynes, the owner, founder and designer of Me & Henry and with a lot of specific BAD scribbles an amazing artist in Los Angeles called Carolina Torres Carmo makes the scribbles beautiful pieces of art.

We've already been approached by two book publishers to turn them into a series but for now - enjoy them for free! 

Check out the digital version of the book here


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