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10th Collection

Celebrating the one and only Henry - he's a real doggie: an 8yr old English Cocker Spaniel and is the inspiration behind the name, the logo, the swing tag and the books. 

We asked 36k boy moms who follow us on Instagram what should we do to commemorate the 10th collection and THEY said we should use the illustrations for the books on tees - so we asked them to pick which images and here you go!

The illustrations are beautifully hand drawn / painted by the super talented Carolina Torres who has done all of the illustrations in the books since the start. We also asked her to create a new illustration which is a unique all over print which we used on tees, polos, shirts and shorts.

So gorge yourself on this unique commemorative collection and follow @realhenrydog on IG if you want to see his real escapades in London.

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