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Me & Henry

$100 Bargain Bundle : 10 x Spring/Summer goodies

$100.00 USD

woohoo - you're just about to buy a mystery bag of TEN Me & Henry items of clothing

That means each piece is just $10 each which is an amazing bargain! Lucky you! 

When you get the bundle it will contain ten fabulous Spring/Summer items of clothes that you can use to refresh your little man's wardrobe. Maybe buy one for next year and the year after while you're at it! 

These items could be eg.short sleeved shirts, shorts, lightweight pants, short sleeved tees and polos, swim shorts, beach shoes, summer hats, cotton knitwear and maybe even a jigsaw puzzle!

*please note, all sales are final and we cannot exchange what has been sent for something else. That's the excitement of the mystery!