Just some details for you...we design the line in London, UK but make it and store it in Hong Kong.

We have an amazing team of pickers, packers and shippers who work on orders every day - and send them directly to you by air.

We usually use Fedex or DHL Express and so goods take as long to get to yopu as they would to fly to you! Super fast!

BUT we get hundreds and hundreds of orders a day and there are only so many hours. Orders are picked and packed and sent based on strictly who pays first. SO if you are order 100 there are 99 ahead of you...and that can cause a delay.

Also our team have to have days off so there is no picking over the weekends.

This means deliveries can take between 5-14 business days.

When you place an order with us you will be sent an automated email confirming the order.

Once we get confirmation of a tracking number we share that with you by email so you can track it. 

In both cases - maybe keep checking spam in case it goes there!

If you have not been sent a tracking number or email then there is no news to share yet!

However - we understand sometimes you just cannot wait for your order and may have an urgent need like an upcoming vacation, a wedding or a birthday.

So we have now added expedited shipping as an option for you

This will mean for an extra cost your order WILL be pushed to the top of the queue and be picked and packed and despatched within 2-3 days ensuring you get it by day 5 if not before. (and of course if that's not the case for some reason we will refund you that extra shipping)

Just select if you want that shipping method at the payment stage and we will personally push the order through.

Sometimes - just sometimes - if we have a sale and the speed of orders coming in is crazy fast - the inventory can mess up a little so if the warehosue come back to us and tell us there is a shortage you will also hear from us and we will refund you.