Hi everyone - I'm Josh - and Mark, the owner of Me & Henry is actually my Uncle and many of you may have met me on photoshoots or at markets because I work for him and LOVE my job (really!) - for this blog post Mark asked me to write about the Fall 21 photoshoot from my perspective....so here goes...

So, as you know, the team at Me & Henry love to travel around a bit, whether that be to tradeshows, to market, to our lovely boutiques who hold our merchandise or even to go meet the amazing kiddies who do an amazing job for us modelling.

So this time for Fall 21, we flew to Franklin, Tennessee, which was a first for me and really exciting to see another part of the US. We were promised gorgeous warm sunshine, stunning tree colours and blue skies.

Being a lot like the country side of England - which is where I live - it was amazing to find a location that was in vast open ground with nature all around...being able to run around with the CUTE models.

Yes, when I say we ran, we run after 10 to 12 children aged 2-5yrs for around 8 hours a day... but, believe me. This is far from a complaint as we all love doing what we do and seeing our clothing on the cute kiddies and babies is amazing.

But everything wasn't so smooth with this trip... we had to persevere with torrential weather. Winds, rain, storms.

Our Airbnb was incredible. - a stunning converted barn...and a very cool welcoming fun place to live for a 10 days but also the best place ever to lay out 600 items of clothing and plan the photoshoot!


Now of course every cloud has a silver lining and for us when we finally gave in and accepted the shoot had to be postponed a few days there just happened to be a rather wonderful whiskey distillery next to our house....


Something no one likes to be outside in, or know that it is making the grounds outside all VERY wet and muddy - the very same grounds we will be literally rolling, yes rolling, around on the floor getting the angles for the lookbook and social media pictures. (Let us know if you would like to see some pics like this next time round!)

But the sun came out - eventually - and we took full advantage of the incredible location on offer...from chickens ,goats and red barns to pine trees and woodland - all in our backyard!


We also found the moist incredible place called Gravel Road Tradition which can only be described as a photographic wonderland  You pay an entry fee and have the grounds to yourself - they are set up with staged sets ranging from Christmas bedrooms and 1950's trucks to camping and postboxes to Santa. There is NOTHING like this in the UK and I'm not sure why because it is such a cool idea and gave us the perfect backdrop to so many pics. The team that run it are incredible and so friendly - if you are anywhere near Mt Juliet in TN go visit them or see their website here:



Being in Tennessee for the 2 weeks to do photoshoot has seriously made us contemplate doing EVERY SINGLE Fall photoshoot in Tennessee, it is THAT stunning.


We had incredible help from the ladies at The Little Cottage in Franklin who provided us with stunning kids, all the parents were a joy to work with and the owner of the Airbnb and her kids were just the best hosts ever.

Just down the road is Leipers Fork where it apparently Justin Timberlake lives...sadly after a few attempts we didn't bump into him (we even forced ourselves to do the whiskey tour in the vague hope - ok thats just an excuse to try the whiskey) but on our last evening we did have the best time ever at Puckett's where it was open-mic night. Now THAT was a night to remember.


We had the best time and the upcoming Fall photoshoot has a lot to live up to this November .. I think it is fair to say, Tennessee, we will see you again soon :-)

And the finished product? Click here for the Me & Henry lookbook 

And here for the Vignette lookbook




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