Spring 22 - a new season - finally - and what a lovely season we have for you... but also how delightful to think this might finally be there year that has a COVID-free Easter with the world gradually getting back to near normal.

As always the new season has to start with great photography - we can make lovely stuff but we need to show it off to you so that you like it and luckily as always we had an amazing group of children and parents helping us achieve it!




This year we travelled to Virginia Beach and Richmond, VA to get the lovely stuff on lovely kids. But what should be fun (and largely is) can always be a slight test for the British contingent of the photoshoot ....because yes, you see blue skies, and sunny days and smiles and fun but what you do NOT see is the sand flies that love English blood, the swampy sticky heat that melts us and the thunderous torrential rain storms that meant we lost 3 days of shooting!

BUT the kids are adorable and to be very clear so too was the location choice.

The first thing that happens is boxes and boxes arrive waiting for us to unpack and play with and create outfits and then STEAM! This is like Christmas for us because as creators of the lovely stuff, we don't get to see the final sample until the shoot so saying up and steaming until 2am sounds hideous but is super fun because we get to play with the line and coordinate it with Vignette and create little group outfits.



Our first stop was Little Island Fishing Pier on Sandbridge Beach - you couldn't ask for a more picture perfect spot. And how fortuitous that it acted as a the perfect massive parasol for us to run to in-between shots with burning feet and sweaty brow. 



I think the first few days here were so hot I got a tan that has lasted for six months but wow what a gorgeous spot with its incredible light and dunes and shallow waves for the little ones to play in. We were blessed with days of near empty beach that allowed us to get so many perfect photos. 



We then drove 2hrs to Richmond to get some different looks and take advantage of the stunning architecture and cobbled streets of Church Hill. Thanks to our wonderful friend Ashley who not only supplied her own little lad Finn but helped us massively to get other children on board, we were ready and set for a great 2 days ...oh and then as is customary for us on these things...it poured. Not just a light Summer storm but a whopping great electrical storm with warnings and flash floods that left us contemplating cancelling the shoot...



But we decided to ignore the downpour and another night of organising and steaming ensued broken up with us managing to actually get out for food !




But we are hardy and the kids even more so...so despite the grey skies and threat of storms the next day we persevered and took some stunning family pics right outside our rented house. The street was stunning with white picket fences, overhanging trees in bloom, cobbled streets and old Victorian red brick walled houses.

In fact we needn't have worried about the rain - if anything we were praying for a light permanent drizzle because anything would have been better than the stiffling humidity! How does anyone live here! Even the parents were commending us on plodding on with the shoot in such hideous conditions! But we are professionals so on we go (while moaning quite a bit lol).





We then moved down to the canal of Dock Street where the amazing skyline of the city mixed with old railway lines and bridges and metalwork gave us the perfect alternative photoshoot location. Sometimes you need more than sand! 





These shoots often give us an amazing opportunity to meet up with good friends so it was lovely to taste the nightlife and restaurants of Richmond but also to visit a few stores that carry us (Little Nomad and also Milby's if you live locally).

We then headed back to the beach and this time rented a sea front property at Willoughby Beach in Norfolk with its boardwalk to the beach and cute little rockpools - perfect for the kids to play and splash us in! 




Part of the joy of us doing the shoots ourselves is styling the kids how we want, playing with them and rolling around on the floor to get the best possible shots (whether it means we get bitten or wet or incredibly sunburnt) but also we get a real connection with the children and the amazing parents that come along and join the fun.

We hilariously have a little following now of repeat models who literally want to know where we will be doing the next shoot so they can workout if they can make it. We had several from this shoot come all the way to Charleston in October for the Fall shoot - even if it meant a 7hr drive! And let's not forget Arlo and Flynn who have turned into Me & Henry and Vignette poster children - both gracing the front cover of our lookbooks for two seasons in a row! How can we not with that amazing hair!?


The real stars on these shoots are the kids - and the very last day of the shoot is so lovely because we bring ALL the kids together and do group shots - of course you have to hope they all get on - but they always do! So thank you to each and everyone of them but also thank you to the amazing parents who raised these fabulous little people we have so much fun with !

No USA for the Spring 23 photoshoot - we are doing it in Cornwall in England so watch this space and follow us on Instagram for dates when we announce it - maybe we can coax some of the US families over for the week...?

Now we just need YOU to like the clothes they are modelling but we can tell already from the sales....it seems you thankfully DO!



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