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What IS a Henley you may ask? Well a bit of historical digging shows us that they were first seen in 19th Century England and originally were used as men's undergarments! Because they were collarless they were seen as more casual and easier to wear - but they soon became a massive part of the sports world thanks to a little English town called Henley-on-Thames.

The Royal Regatta, the largest rowing race in England takes place every year and it started in 1839. Rowers found the design of top to be perfect adding 'increased ventilation' - and it stayed as an item of 'sportswear' pretty much until the early 70's. 

A buyer at Ralph Lauren saw the Henley's potential as a new kind of t-shirt hybrid and from then on it became a super cool, vintage inspirited option to a basic tee or shirt. 

Of course we already knew it was cool - that's why we have so many to choose from! This Spring we added woven Henleys - which you might of course just call a shirt - but we know better :-)

And remember this seasons Henleys go all the way to matching daddy.

Read more about the heritage of the Henley in our blog post HERE

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