Meet Ellen - the vivacious, effervescent owner of the Sandbox in Dyersburg, TN. Ellen usually comes to see us at the Atlanta apparel or gift market in our showroom Lemonade Stand at Americas Mart - and every time she comes, we cannot stop laughing! 

For the last year we have been joking about how one day we will turn up and visit her in her store so on our madcap 3 day drive around Tennessee in August, she was our first stop.
The Sandbox is THE place to stop at if you have a little one on the way or a teenager. She literally covers everything from toys and books to accessories and clothes - and of course a very generous chunk of Me & Henry and Vignette.
We love knowing more about what inspires some of the store owners we work with - in Ellen's case it was about wanting to offer something to parents in Dyersburg they just couldn't easily get and over the years her offer has grown and grown as has her customer fanbase!
Check below for more about Ellen's background and how she started - I mean seriously - after 35yrs in insurance she must be working in paradise now...


Want to see her store - view the video below to see the little Empire she has created ...

We arrived just as Fall 20 stock arrived in boxes but Ellen is one of our biggest stockists and we are one her only boys lines so we take over a quarter of the store when it's in! She immediately pulled out a few of her fave pieces from the boxes - hear a little more about why she loves Me & Henry so much.
We feel we know Ellen pretty well - to buy 80% of the collection takes a good few hours every time she comes to Atlanta but it's always fun to find out more so laugh with us as we throw her some quick fire questions.
Lastly - and this has only just happened - we ran a competition when we launched Spring 21 in August - a chance for 2 people to go to Vegas or New York on us (and Vignette). All flights and hotel and food paid for - you just had to pass a certain $ value with orders and the higher you went, the more tickets you won - increasing your chance of winning - and Ellen won!
So congratulations on being a very well deserved winner... as soon as that pesky COVID gives up, we may just have to join you Ellen! Look at how excited she was when we announced the winner.
We already have an appointment booked in to see Ellen in February for Fall 21 - and we cannot wait - you lucky moms and dads in Tennessee. 

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