The first spotlight on our amazing stores falls to the stunning Little Happy in Knoxville, TN.

As part of our super fun and hilarious road trip in September, it was a total joy to be able to cover so many accounts. 26 stores in 6 days across Tennessee and Alabama - exhausting but exhilarating - and helped hugely by the fabulous stores we sell to .

Meet Callie - the adorable owner of Little Happy and my goodness, its a shop that makes you more than a little happy when you walk in. Classy, beautifully presented and totally cheery - much like Callie herself!

If you live in Knoxville then wow you have a great store on your doorstep.

Hear about how Callie decided to start a boutique - and how her online business grew so quickly it gave her the confidence that a brick and mortar store would work

Untitled from Mark Jeynes on Vimeo.


One quote I will not forget from Callie is 'girls sometimes get too much attention' and she is totally right - that's exactly what drove me to launch Me & Henry and make sure its not always about the girls but the boys too and Callie has been a fan and bought us since we started.

But of course Little Happy does cater for girls and carries our sister brand Vignette as well as lots of other gorgeous lines. Check out the videos below and be sure if you're in Tennessee that you make a point of stopping in and supporting Callie.


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