It’s here. Well it’s not everywhere but let’s pretend it’s on it’s way. Spring. And then not much longer until Summer!

It has been a long cold Winter and we are delighted to finally start selling Spring.

The photoshoot for this collection was split across two locations - Boston Common and Cape Cod.

Despite arriving in Boston to cold cloudy rainy weather - which sent us into a blind panic - we were blessed with stunning sunshine the minute we met our lovely models and their families in the middle of the Common underneath the stunning lakeside willow trees.


From that moment we breathed a massive sigh of relief.  Truly gorgeous sunshine and blue skies dominated the next five days as we ran around, played on the grass, got splashed with water and bitten by bugs while taking thousands of photographs.


There’s nothing quite like a pushy accomplice. Paula our amazing New England rep is quite happy being described as such - and thank goodness because without her we wouldn’t have some of the stunning shots we have. Short on boy models half way through the day she was astonishingly good at accosting innocent holiday makers and passers by to see if they wanted to join in the fun and be a model for an hour.


With swan boats, shady trees, real swans and the Boston common footbridge as backdrops well couldn’t fail and hope you agree some of the photos are stunning.


One of our fave shops in Boston helped us on our next location - Suzy at the Red Wagon let us use her lovely store as a base while we dressed our next batch of kids and ran around the cobbled streets and fabulous stoops of Beacon Hill. What’s not to love about giggling babies on doorsteps!



With summer clothing the natural default is to try and get a large proportion of the collections shot by the seaside. There’s nothing more Summery than beaches, boats and a bunch of cheeky kids wanting to get you very wet and covered in sand. And sometimes, it’s best just to give in and let them do what they want just to get a few great pics.


Car loaded with hundreds of samples, blankets, buckets and spades we drove to Cape Cod and set up base at our lakeside home for four days. Who knew kids would love steps to a jetty so much or that duck poop on the actual jetty would be such a source of amusement!


The lovely Lindsay at another one of our fave stores: Fox & Kit in Mashpee was an absolute star and pulled together the most amazing bunch of families who pretty much did whatever we needed.

She helped us find rock pools, wide and wonderful sandy beaches, boardwalks and even a lighthouse. Mr Sunshine was our friend - burnt nose and forehead to prove it but most of all some truly stunning photographs.

We had so much fun on this shoot and felt ever so slightly special and relieved when the day we drive back to Boston airport the heavens opened and dark, cold and wet weather made it suddenly feel like November.


Click here for our amazing Spring lookbook which hopefully captures the laughs and the fun we had with some truly amazing little kids and their families.

Thank you guys. We couldn’t have done it without you and we are now left wondering how on earth we top it as a location for Spring 21!

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