Are we in Hendersonville, Tennessee really or are we in Narnia or a magical wonderland??... the minute we walked through the doors we were somewhere VERY special and different compared to any other store we have been to. 

Meet Amy - the owner behind Once Upon A Time by Amy which for 7 years has grown and grown into THIS!

Supporting our stockists and promoting some of those we have personally been able to visit has been a highlight of 2020.

Check out the video where her amazing daughter Hope shows us around.

Catering for preemie to age 16y, the store doesn't just have clothing but accessories, a shoe department, a toy section, books, a play area inside and a patio outside for lunch but even a husband that will play the guitar for you on demand (really!)

They of course carry Me & Henry and Vignette but they have so much more and honestly you could spend hours in here.

The idea is that when you walk in the store, there is a story behind it so you are welcomed by a huge storybook...and you are then given a visual treat with fixtures and fittings designed and painted by Amy, merry-go-round clothing fixture as well as a castle - yes a real castle!

They even carry a line of locally hand made day gowns, a massive collection of hair bows (we are in the South after all!) and a gorgeous baptism and christening gown section from vintage heirloom bespoke pieces to more modern designs.

Hope gave us the tour - but here's a little interview with the camera shy owner Amy so you can get to know the brains behind the look and feel of the store!

Honestly - we adore these guys and what they have built - you have to see it to believe it - the closest thing we have come across anything like this is maybe Hamleys or Harrods in London - we can't even imagine how magical it must feel this month with the build up to Christmas. If you are visiting Tennessee be sure to make a detour and pop in to support them.

As always - Amy doesn't QUITE realise what she has created and achieved and what started as a small business idea has grown and grown and she hasn't stopped! This is not any ordinary small business...its not even is truly a Kingdom!

Read the writing on the wall in this picture we took below - words Amy lives by...and they work.

"she dreamed improbable dreams, followed her heart and created her own little Fairytale"

What a great family team - cannot wait to visit again!




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